At Volcano Inn, the longer you stay, the less you pay!
At Volcano Inn, the longer you stay, the less you pay!

Volcano Inn is the original environmentally green place for resort lodging in Volcano since 1989.

Big solar hot water systems

Cleared trees recycled into the construction of rails and columns

The native ʻŌhiʻa Lehua tree, when growing as close to the house as possible, gives that tree-house feel

What makes Volcano Inn Green?

• Big solar hot water systems on all buildings.


• Minimum impact on the native tree forest by hand clearing for multi-story buildings with small footprints.


• Skylights and large glass windows to let in natural light, and to allow guests to enjoy the native tree forest view.


• Trees cleared for the building site were recycled into the construction of Volcano Inn.


• All invasive species, including all non-native grasses, were originally eliminated and are constantly prevented from re-establishing themselves, allowing the Volcano native tree forest to regenerate.


• All rainwater is caught and processed on the property, all laundry is done on the premises with high spin, low water usage washers, therefore using less water, less power and less energy for drying.


• All lighting where possible originally installed as energy saving fluorescent lighting, many, many, years ago.


• Renewable cork and bamboo flooring in most rooms.


• We reuse or recycle everything possible.


High spin, low water usage washers

Trees cleared for the hot tub were recycled for the construction of the cover

The Naupaka Kuahiwi is one of the native species encouraged to grow around Volcano

Experience Volcano, HI

Lava ocean entry creates new land

Surface flow near the coast

Halemaʻumaʻu Crater glow 

Reserve a room on the Volcano today! 


We are located less than five minutes from the world`s most active volcano, Kīlauea. 

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